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Funded projects

NOS-HS grants

The NOS-HS project call of 2022 was an open call based on curiosity-driven research in the humanities and social sciences. The purpose of the call is to give researchers at an early stage in their careers (years two to seven) the opportunity to build Nordic networks and promote Nordic added value in research.

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Funded NOS-HS grants, call 2022

The grant call 2022 received 155 valid applications by the nomination deadline.

Funding decisions were made 24 May 2023.

List of funded grants:

PastForward: The political uses of the past in digital discourses about Nordic futures
Project manager: Manuel Menke
Project partners from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Making a Warrior: The Social Implications of Viking Age Martial Ideologies
Project manager: Marianne Moen
Project partners from Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden

Exploring homelessness among young care leavers: Addressing challenges and finding potentials in a Nordic welfare context
Project manager: Anne-Kristine Mølholt
Project partners from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

To integrate or return? Policies, aspirations and outcomes for Ukrainian refugees in the Nordic countries
Project manager: Vilde Hernes
Project partners from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark

Nordic Law Books: The Production and Use of Vernacular Law Manuscripts in the North from 1100 to 1600
Project manager: Stefan Drechsler
Project partners from Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark

Banal (Non)Religion: Secular Imaginaries in Contemporary Pop-Culture
Project manager: Sara Evelina Lundmark
Project partners from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway

Healthy communities in ageing societies – participatory research with elderly immigrants and refugees living in a Nordic society
Project manager: Verena Lenneis
Project partners: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

NOS-HS workshops

NOS-HS supports explorative workshop series in order to promote the development of new research areas and programmes within the fields of humanities and social sciences in the Nordic countries.

Funded NOS-HS workshop series, call 2022

The workshop call 2022 received 106 applications, of which 33 projects were funded with a success rate of 31%. The 33 projects all cover promising Nordic workshops, taking place in 2023–2024. Max. funding for each workshop series is 430 000 NOK.

Funding decisions were made 12 December 2022.

List of funded workshop series:

Main applicantOrganisationProject title
Brooks, EvaAalborg UniversityComputational Play in Early Childhood Education and Care
Couling, NancyBergen School of ArchitectureSpatial Experiments for the Post-Anthropocene Arctic
Gottzén, LucasStockholm UniversityMasculinity, masculinist politics and violent extremism in the Nordic
Gåsemyr, Hans JørgenThe Norwgian institute of International AffairsNordic Network for Research on International Knowledge Production Relations
Hilt, LineUniversity of BergenThe Future of Nordic Bildung
Jensen-Rix, RobertUniversity of CopenhagenNordic Exceptionalism: Perspectives from the Outside
Johnson, DavidWestern Norway University of Applied SciencesSinging Map of Scandinavia
Johnstone, Rachael LornaUniversity of AkureyriDecolonising Nordic Archives
Jusslin, SofiaÅbo Akademi UniversityExploring Imagination and Creativity through Play in Nordic Early Literacy Education
Kjeldsen, JensUniversity of BergenTrustworthiness: The Rhetorical History of Trust in the Nordics
Käll, LisaStockholm UniversityThe Somatechnics of Death in Life
Kärjä, Antti-VilleUniversity of the Arts HelsinkiOlfactory cultural studies
Laterza, VitoUniversity of AgderBetween local ties and global challenges: understanding the role of Nordic higher education in regional green transitions
Lindroth, MarjoUniversity of LaplandPolitics and Power of Resilience
Lysklett, OlavQueen Maud’s College of Early Childhood Education (QMC)The Nordic Nature Kindergarten network – Creating a network to explore existing research and good-practice examples in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.
Nickelsen, NielsUniversity of AarhusReassembling care for older people
Nilsson, BjörnUniversity of BergenFenScan – the Future of Stone Age Wetland Archaeology in Fennoscandia
Pekkola, EliasTampere UniversityUnpacking emerging hybrid arrangements in Nordic higher education
Petersen, Kirsten ElisaUniversity of AarhusChildren and youths social and emotional wellbeing within the Nordic welfare states
Pinder, DavidRoskilde UniversityLiveable Nordic Cities: Imaginaries, Practices, and Prospects
Rúdólfsdóttir, AnnadísUniversity of IcelandNordic Parenting
Sanches, PedroUmeå UniversityNordic Fabulation Network
Solitander, NikodemusHANKEN School of EconomicsExplorative workshops on Nordic approach to business sustainability
Stordalen, TerjeUniversity of OsloWriting Histories of the Ancient Near East: 21st Century Challenges
Toivanen, MariUniversity of HelsinkiMobilities, work and welfare citizenship in the Nordic societies
Ursin, MaritNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyAt critical crossroads in Nordic Childhood Studies: Research with children and on childhoods in times of extreme insecurity and uncertainty
Volckmar-Eeg, MariaFafo Institute for Labour and Social ResearchNordic Street-Level Integration Work
Wan, WilfredStockholm International Peace Research InstituteWMD Understandings, Governance and Technology
Wibben, AnnickSwedish Defence UniversityFeminisms and Wars Community
Yamamoto, RaymondAarhus UniversityCoercive and Emotional Diplomacy in East Asia: Japanese Responses
Zorell, CarolinÖrebro UniversityAdvancing Strong Sustainability in the Nordic Social Science and Humanities
Östlund, JoachimLund UniversityPax Nordica: Experiences and lessons of the Nordic Peace, ca 1721–1830

The majority of the funded applications came from Norway(11), Finland (7), Sweden (7), Denmark (6), and Iceland (2). Each application had co-applicants from at least two other Nordic countries.

Funded NOS-HS workshop series, call 2021

The workshop call 2021 received 51 applications, of which 32 projects were funded with a success rate of 63%. The 32 projects cover altogether 91 promising Nordic workshops, taking place in 2022–2023. Max. funding for each workshop series is 43 000 EUR.

Funding decisions were made 3 November 2021.

List of funded workshop series:

Main applicantOrganisationProject title
Broström, AndersRoyal Institute of Technology in StockholmExploratory Workshops and the establishment of a Nordic Center for Entrepreneurship Research (NCER)
Brudin Borg, CamillaUniversity of GothenburgMoving Science towards new Methodological Directions
Bruhn, JørgenLinnaeus UniversityMedia as Infrastructure? Investigating Nordic Ecomedia (MIINE)
Bødker, HenrikAarhus UniversityNordic Times and Climate Times: An Exploration of Temporalities in Nordic Climate Change Journalism
Crowther, KarenUniversity of OsloEstablishing the Nordic Network for Philosophy of Physics: Towards a Future-Orientated Philosophy of Science
Frandsen, KirstenAarhus UniversityWomen in a digitised sports culture
Fritsche, MariaNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyCinema, War and Citizenship at the Periphery. Cinemas and their audiences in the Nordic countries, 1935-1950
Hafstein, ValdimarUniversity of IcelandCrafting Food, Soil, Sense and Sociality: Human-Microbial Symbiotic Practices in Everyday Life (CRAFTLIFE)
Hafsteinsson, Sigurjon BaldurUniversity of IcelandThe Nordic Turf House: More Than A Human Story
Hanssen, Eirik Normann FrisvoldNational Library of NorwayFeminist film history in Scandinavia: new approaches, methodologies, and connections
Heikkinen, MerviUniversity of OuluIntersectional Gender Equality in Academia – Exploring Sustainable Futures in the Arctic North
Heimo, AnneUniversity of TurkuNordic voices: The use of oral history and personal memories in public history settings
Heiselberg, LeneUniversity of Southern DenmarkThe Nordic MAP Network: Establishing a link between media content and affective polarization in Nordic multiparty systems
Klevjer, RuneUniversity of BergenExperience and representational content in video games
Lilja, NiinaTampere UniversityExploring New Materialism for second language learning in the Nordic societies
Lucas, GavinUniversity of IcelandPoverty and Plenty in the North. Later historical archaeologies of material excess and scarcity in Scandinavia and the North Atlantic
Madsen, MiriamAarhus UniversityGoverning educational pasts, presents, and futures with data
Maliks, JakobNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyEducating Active and Democratic Citizens in Challenging Times – Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Social Studies in the Nordic Countries.
Martinez Romera, BeatrizUniversity of CopenhagenNordic Research Network on Climate Change and Ocean Governance: Understanding International and Regional Ocean Regimes Through the Lens of Climate Change (NeOGov)
Millei, ZsuzsannaTampere UniversityMicrobial Childhoods Collaboratory (MCC): Enlivening critical childhood studies
Mollerup, Nina GrønlykkeUniversity of CopenhagenSensory media anthropology
Petrulevich, AlexandraUppsala UniversityLinking, Building and Sustaining Humanities Digital Spatial Infrastructures for Research in the Nordic Countries
Raudvere, CatharinaUniversity of CopenhagenContemporary Muslim Lay Piety. Interpretations, Performance and Mobilization
Reijula, SamuliUniversity of HelsinkiNordic network for the science of science
Sariola, SallaUniversity of HelsinkiNordic Network for the Social Study of Microbes
Siggaard Stenbæk, DeaCopenhagen University HospitalExploring psychological models of psilocybin drug administration
Sippola, EevaUniversity of HelsinkiLinguistics & Sustainability
Skedsmo, GuriUniversity of OsloNordic Research on Leadership in Schools in Times of Change (NordLead)
Sørensen, Majken JulKarlstad UniversityEveryday resistances in the Nordic welfare state – Exploring the methodological potential of Institutional Ethnography
Varjo, JanneUniversity of HelsinkiThe Governance of Career Guidance Systems in Nordic Countries
Wink, Georg WalterUniversity of CopenhagenNew Approaches and Synergies in Nordic Latin-American Studies: Applying Area Studies in a Multipolar World

The majority of the funded applications came from Denmark (10), Finland (8), Norway (6), Sweden (5), and Iceland (3). Each application had co-applicants from at least two other Nordic countries.

Funded NOS-HS workshop series, calls 2015–2021

NOP-HS journal grants

NOP-HS, a sub-committee to NOS-HS, supports Nordic journals of the highest quality that promote renewal in their research field. The NOP-HS journal grant aims to promote the dissemination of qualified research results within the fields of humanities and social sciences.

The call in 2021 was the last NOP-HS journal grant call.  NOS-HS will no longer launch new calls to individual journals.

Funded NOP-HS journal grants, call 2021

The scientific journal grant 2021 received 32 applications, of which 30 were granted funding. Funding decisions were made 16 November 2021. In this last call, NOP-HS only funded journals currently funded by NOP-HS to secure them a transfer to activities without NOP-HS funding.

Funding decisions were made 26 November 2021.

List of funded journals:

ApplicantOrganisationProject title
Andersson, PerLinköping University Nordic Journal of Vocational Education and Training
Berggren, LarsLund UniversityICO. Iconographisk Post. Nordic Review of Iconography
Bernhard-Oettel, Claudia Stockholm UniversityScandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
Blikstad-Balas, MarteUniversity of StavangerNordic Journal of Literacy Research
Hellman, MatildaNordic Welfare Center FinlandNordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs
Hjarvard, StigUniversity of CopenhagenNordic Journal of Media Studies
Illman, RuthÅbo Akademi UniversityNordisk judaistik/Scandinavian Jewish Studies
Langum, Virginia Umeå UniversityNordic Journal of English Studies
Leis-Peters, AnnetteVID Specialized UniversityDiaconia. Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice
Leseth, Anne BirgitteOslo Metropolitan UniversityProfession and professionalism
Lid, Inger MarieVID Specialized UniversityScandinavian Journal of Disability Research
Magnússon, GísliUniversity of IcelandRomantik – Journal for the Study of Romanticisms
Näre, LenaThe Migration Institute of FinlandNordic Journal of Migration Research 
Opas, MinnaUniversity of TurkuTemenos – Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion
Raffnsøe, Sverre RisdalCopenhagen Business SchoolFoucault Studies
Rasmussen, Anders BoNordic Association for American StudiesAmerican Studies in Scandinavia
Ravna, ØyvindUiT The Arctic University of NorwayArctic Review on Law and Politics
Rivarola, AndrésStockholm UniversityIberoamericana – Nordic Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Rugulies, ReinerFinnish Institute of Occupational HealthScandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health
Sæverot, HernerWestern Norway University of Applied SciencesNordic Studies in Education
Samuelsson, JohanKarlstad University Nordidactica 
Storebø, Ole JakobRegion Zealand PsychiatryScandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology [SJCAPP]
Svarstad, ElizabethSANS – Senter for Dansepraksis (Dans i Skolen)Nordic Journal of Dance
Säätelä, SimoÅbo Akademi UniversityNordic Wittgenstein Review
Tanskanen, KatriNordiska teaterforskareNordic Theatre Studies
Teppo, AnnikaUppsala UniversityNordic Journal of African Studies (NJAS)
Tofteng, DitteUniversity College CopenhagenResearch and Change
Ursin, MaritNorwegian University of Science and Technology – NTNUBarn – Research about children and childhood in the Nordic region
Weinreich, Jacob LundAarhus UniversityThe Nordic Journal of Aesthetics
Åström Elmersjö, HenrikUmeå UniversityNordic Journal of Educational History
Funded NOP-HS journal grants, 2019–2021