Calls for funding

NOS-HS Workshop grants

NOS-HS supports explorative workshop series, consisting of two to three workshops held in the Nordic countries.

The aim is to promote the development of new research areas and programmes within the humanities and social sciences in the Nordic countries.

The series of workshops must have a strong research focus and involve collaboration between researchers from different Nordic countries. NOS-HS funds proposals which aim at establishing new ambitious research projects and networks and at preparation of research proposals to international research programmes. NOS-HS encourages the applicants to involve early stage researchers and non-academic stakeholders in the workshops.

The main features of the workshops are face-to-face meetings, creating and strengthening new connections and exploring ideas together. If travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic persist, interactive online workshops or hybrid forms of workshops are encouraged.

Advance information: NOS-HS Exploratory workshop call 2022

NOS-HS Exploratory workshop call 2021

The call is open 9 February – 31 March 2021 closing 16.15 Finnish time (CEST+01.00).

You will need the following documents to prepare a successful application:

Call for applications: 

Supplement to appendix 2, NOS-HS workshop budget proposal:

NOP-HS Scientific journal grant

NOP-HS journal grant funding to individual journals will end in 2023 when last payments to current grant holders end. There will not be any new calls to individual journals.

However, NOS-HS is investigating a possibility to continue with an alternative funding scheme in the future, in which all NOS-HS member organisations could contribute. Direct funding to individual journals will no longer be discussed.

More information will be available after the NOS-HS spring meeting (advance information: in May 2022).